Gemscool Kart Rider

Gemscool Kart Rider is a vehicle for the fancy game stretcher by the largest gaming portal in Indonesia, especially in the world of general gemscool racing game with a theme that is very fun if we played it because possess different styles from other games.

All-based online game Essentially you feel that is different because it can be played by many players but there is often a fraud is the main topic if it does not exist then it will feel perfect.

Register Kart Rider have the five-character play a game that can tone the fifth certainly have the expertise or deficiency that is different it all so that you can pull out how much skill you have in the game.

Gemscool Kart Rider
The fifth character include:


An honest and innocent driver who uphold high sportsmanship in the race. His ability is not in doubt again


A rider has a high potential to be the greatest. Her nature is very brave is not daunted in their own situation or self-taught learning .because sometimes he was driving with offhand


Formerly Dizni is a shy person who is afraid to drive Kart. But after Dao Kart permission, he also sought and became Rider with amazing skill. The main objective is to find the criminals Lodumani Dizni along with Dao.


Marid is romantic Rider. Although he lazily riding Kart, but he always practice diligently to seize Dao of Dizni. He is more concerned with love than victory.


Mos is a maniac Kart famous Bubble Hill. He was known as a lover of Kart racing. Mos is not concerned with the victory and just riding Kart for the hobby.

  For those of you who are already a member wants to enjoy all of the characters on the play immediately kart rider to visit the site and if you do not know how the entry then follow the steps below:

1. Before you do anything in advance Install KartRider2.0 see figure below:
2. If you have a list gemscool then you can Log In KartRider Launcher and if not then Register Register first. Log In KartRider as below:

3. Register Rider. Please enter Rider name, select a character and color according to your wishes as shown below:

4. Rider School

For those of you who are just playing can learn and practice the basic controls of KartRide at Rider School. as shown below:

5. Select Game Mode according to your wishes. as shown below:

6. Now you're ready to play its Click "READY" to feel the drift and speed! as shown below:

 If it is less obvious and you are still confused can see or inquire directly to the moderator on the forums gemscool