Gemscool Portal Pertama Game Online Di Indonesia

gemscool Represents a container engaged in online game first in Indonesia that hatched directly by PT Kreon. All games are given a very interesting and spur adernalin and brought the genre MMPROG seemed to play in the real world.

With the quality of the game that is given gemscool now there are more than 4 million registered users across Indonesia in which that matter most of all gaming sites that provide games on the internet service.

Quite simple and easy if we want to feel the thrill of the game which is provided in its course to have access on the site to register and install his game on a laptop or computer you have.

The way is that you visit for gemscool list and fill the data themselves which provide a complete and after the gemscool will send an email seuah where verification email to us first. now you are already a member then you just Sigin instantly and enjoy all of its subordinate game.

The names of famous names of all games that is given is very interesting choose depends tastes like Point blank, lost saga, dragon nest, eligium, Yulgang, cabal, mirror war, Age of Wushu and so that each has a different design GAMES.

In addition, you can also enjoy other services such as forums gemscool that where in the forum you can provide information, ask questions and report the gamers who do less sportive action which will be responded by a very friendly admin.

Therefore there is no complete games gaming site in gemscool then immediately was joined.

Forum Gemscool Online Indonesia

Forum gemscool is a means which provide gemscool company that aims to make all the members can berintergasi with the admin who take care of in it. all problems can be reported at once to ask if there are members who commit fraudulent acts.

In the scope of the forum space gemscool you do not hesitate reluctant to ask her directly at admin admin I guess all be friendly to all members that aims to be more comfortable in accessing the site gemscool.

For those of you who want to join in the forum is very easy gemscool did not pay or free first you must be a member first and then you can visit community.
forum gemscool

Quite easy and it's easy to log gemscool so soon join the biggest gaming sites in Indonesia were to offering the type of games are very interesting and spur your adernalin and play this game is very pronounced in the real world.

That's all I can suguhkan on information from the forum gemscool hopefully can inspire those of you who want to try to enjoy the thrill of the game is in shade gemscool. good luck.

Gemscool Kart Rider

Gemscool Kart Rider is a vehicle for the fancy game stretcher by the largest gaming portal in Indonesia, especially in the world of general gemscool racing game with a theme that is very fun if we played it because possess different styles from other games.

All-based online game Essentially you feel that is different because it can be played by many players but there is often a fraud is the main topic if it does not exist then it will feel perfect.

Register Kart Rider have the five-character play a game that can tone the fifth certainly have the expertise or deficiency that is different it all so that you can pull out how much skill you have in the game.
Gemscool Kart Rider
The fifth character include:


An honest and innocent driver who uphold high sportsmanship in the race. His ability is not in doubt again


A rider has a high potential to be the greatest. Her nature is very brave is not daunted in their own situation or self-taught learning .because sometimes he was driving with offhand


Formerly Dizni is a shy person who is afraid to drive Kart. But after Dao Kart permission, he also sought and became Rider with amazing skill. The main objective is to find the criminals Lodumani Dizni along with Dao.


Marid is romantic Rider. Although he lazily riding Kart, but he always practice diligently to seize Dao of Dizni. He is more concerned with love than victory.


Mos is a maniac Kart famous Bubble Hill. He was known as a lover of Kart racing. Mos is not concerned with the victory and just riding Kart for the hobby.

  For those of you who are already a member wants to enjoy all of the characters on the play immediately kart rider to visit the site and if you do not know how the entry then follow the steps below:

1. Before you do anything in advance Install KartRider2.0 see figure below:
2. If you have a list gemscool then you can Log In KartRider Launcher and if not then Register Register first. Log In KartRider as below:

3. Register Rider. Please enter Rider name, select a character and color according to your wishes as shown below:

4. Rider School

For those of you who are just playing can learn and practice the basic controls of KartRide at Rider School. as shown below:

5. Select Game Mode according to your wishes. as shown below:

6. Now you're ready to play its Click "READY" to feel the drift and speed! as shown below:

 If it is less obvious and you are still confused can see or inquire directly to the moderator on the forums gemscool

Gemscool Point Blank Indonesia

Newbie Point Blank is one of the games in which besut by gemscool this game on appeal that other game is the most popular and much in the interest of gamers in Indonesia has always proven to be a trending topic on several internet media

With the theme of war very spur adernalin with some very distinctive style would you feel when you shoot memainkanya especially in terms of when we compare the same with the shooting in the real world.

What if we want to try to play Angry PB enough you enroll as a member gemscool that can go directly to the official website of the where you will fill in all the personal data given her as in the steps below:
gemscool point blank

How to register gemscool PB

1. Go to the game Point Blank >>> to enter this address into your already headed to the registration form directly point blank ID.

2. Fill in the appropriate data themselves provided and click crete my account as shown below;

3. Then open the email that had been in use for a list of the gemscool account verification.

4. Next you just follow the steps in brikan the site and immediately play.

With a very easy and does not make us become a headache for members in gemscool and if you still have a question and wrote the same complaint friend who has long played in the game gemscool vehicle.

Enjoy all the services at present in most games the site of the largest and most popular in Indonesia. enjoy the sophistication of its applied. that is all and thank you

Lost Saga Online Indonesia

Lost Saga is a game that there is a vehicle in the scope that carries gemscool MMROPG the fight game has a lot of characters that can be played and you adernalin spur enough.

Current there are many categories of heroes that you can play the new count of 100 heroes that awaits you in the game lost saga gemscool select and feel his strength of each one of a hundred hero can lead you into a champion.

In LostSaga Hero is divided into 5 types, namely, Melee, Ranged, Magic, Special, and Premium.nah of the five types of hero is select the appropriate criteria according to which you want your character or if you want to play it at the same time you can play with do swap Combo.
gemscool lost saga

To note the skill gemscool lost saga is divided into 4 for each Hero: Weapon Skill, Skill Armor, Helm Skill and Skill Accessories with gear that you use can be the difference between gear that one with the other.

Additionally Gear can you wrought in order to become stronger than ever. Dozens Gear and wait for your Hero koleksi.Gunakan best skills of each hero to victory and a good name for yourself, Guildmu, and also Factionmu

Browse GAMES truth is lost saga with access gemscool forum it will be more complete information. and do not believe it before you play it. so good luck ..